Horse back riding

Spain is a horse country and the area surrounding our finca is extremely suited to ride. The paths swing through the grapevines into the forest and up the mountain. Here you will have the most amazing views, nature and peace.

For horse back riding on the beach, countryside, mountains, photo sessions, etc. please have a look on the following website for all options possible:

We have good contact with Caby Kim of Horse Life Spain. Here you can go for Equine Assisted Therapy which will give you more insight in yourself by getting feedback from the assisted horse. Besides this  she offers several modules which emphasizes communicating with your horse. Of course she also offers horse riding (natural horsemanship), centered horse riding and horse riding on all levels. For riding outside you will need to be experienced.

Mirjam Diepenbrock is practically a neighbour too, living just 2 minutes away. She offers coaching making use of horses. With the use of horses you will get feedback on your (non)verbal communication, how you act and move. They feel exactly what behaviour is sincere and can help you to get closer to your Essence. By practical experience insights will be translated into daily activities. This is useful for both private as business purposes. Children with problems can greatly benefit from this therapy too. Please read more about this on the website of Mirjam Diepenbrock.